The investment strategies of Inveria Partners are based on a deep knowledge of the market. We offer an exclusive investment alternative, focused on achieving positive returns in the medium term and preserving capital.

A highly specialized team with a consolidated professional trajectory responds to the needs of our clients and helps in decision-making. Thanks to the experience of Inveria Partners, the company has a network of contacts that provides knowledge and opportunities in the market as well as the ability to access financial sources.

Asset Management

We add value to investments through a detailed analysis of each asset in which we invest, with flexibility and consistency in management, which allows us to obtain sustainable results in the medium and long term.

We ensure high cost competitiveness thanks to our stable and well-defined processes together with our experience.

Discretionary portfolio management: we design portfolios with fixed income assets, equities, derivatives, liquidity and funds, which are evaluated    taking into account three factors:

  • Profitability objective
  • Temporal horizon
  • Risk management

Real Assets

We offer our clients investment opportunities in real assets and in the design of investments in strategic sectors.

  • Real Assets: investment in transportation assets as well as clean energy projects.These are long-term investments, with counterparts with proven solvency, low volatility, which generate stable and attractive returns.
  • Tax Equity: we offer the opportunity to make investments in real projects in strategic sectors for the Spanish economy such as R&D, cinema and shipbuilding.
    From Inveria Partners we take care of originating and structuring these operations, which enjoy attractive profitability.

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